Monday, May 9, 2011

CF+ the Market + the Hair Salon=busy weekend

Mothers day
Will and I on Mother's Day :)

What a busy and wonderful Mother's Day weekend! It started on Friday as my Mom, Will, and I traveled up to Cedar Falls to see my sister for her birthday. We enjoyed lunch, playtime at the park with the little boys, and also some good chatting over delicious cupcakes and cakeballs at Scratch Cupcakery downtown. The sun was warm and it was genuinely nice to have some time just the three of us girls while the little boys took good naps.

...silly Kristin and Hunter...
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Then saturday morning Thad, Will and I got up to meet all the other thousands of people at the opening day at the downtown farmers market. Oh my what a beautiful day! Downtown was bursting with energy and I feel as if the sunshine is finally warm around here again.

...Willie and Thad watching the performers...
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Then came sunday (Mother's Day). I love Mother's Day. :)...and I felt extra special as I woke up to breakfast in bed from my two favorite boys. We also visited our mothers and ate lots of good food...but the big deal of the day was getting Will's summer cut! Yes, it was emotional...and exciting. Will was pretty tired since it was nap time so he didn't really seem to care about anything except the sucker that he got to eat to get him to stay seated for so long. As sad as we are to see his long hair go, he really looks handsome. :)

...back and front BEFORE picture...
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...and AFTER!
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...ok and one last shot of the long hair again...

You can see the rest of the pictures from our weekend here and here. Chao! :)


Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

Oh Steph, he's beautiful BOTH ways! And what a fun weekend....I'm so glad you felt so loved. :)

Angela said...

He's sooo cute! Love the long hair, but the short hair is adorable...especially for summer!

Rachel Farley said...

Great post!

I can't wait to go to the farmer's market!!

Darling haircut too.

Oh, and you just look fabulous!

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