Saturday, March 7, 2009


It was actually pretty nice a couple days this week, but I know not to fool always seems to get cold again this time of year. I decided I needed a little bit more green in our house and i found this great idea from mom in madison. Wheatgrass! sprouts and grows so fast its a lot of fun to watch. I literally woke up every morning this week and went straight downstairs to look how much it has changed.
It is so easy to do, and I chose to do it in glass so i can watch the growth process. All you need is a little sand, potting soil, wheat berries(i found organic from our farmers market),plastic wrap and a container to plant in.

First soak the wheat berries in room temperature water for 8-12 hours-drain and change the water about half way through. Then fill the bottom of your pot/jar with one inch of sand.(this is to keep it from getting waterlogged) Then put about 2 inches of potting soil layered over the sand, and then top it with a thick layer of wheat berries. I think I may have put too thick of a layer-as the grass has grown and it has been pretty crammed, and too thick of a layer makes it easier for mold to just enough to cover the soil. Water lightly and then cover loosly with plastic wrap and place it in a shady spot. 
march 2
Spray with water morning and night. Berries should sprout after the first day; after sprouted you may remove the plastic wrap and keep it in a window to get light. In a few days you should have grass! Continue to spray with water every morning and night. Once the grass is growing you may want to rinse it out everyday to prevent the lower berries from molding.(fill the jar with cool water then use a finger to drain.)
It is so much fun once the grass starts growing, it can grow like an inch or more a day! You can trim it when it reaches 4 inches or so...this makes for some green in the house during these long winter could also snip it and add it to smoothies, or if you have a grinder some people grind it and take shots of it...I don't know enough about that, but my step mother does that. Just beware of the overwhelming scent it gives off when snipped. :)
march 4
march 5

march 6

march 7
Its always nice to have a little more green life in the house when its cold outside. :) Have a good weekend.


Laura Fever said...

I not only love the wheat grass and want to get some now to grow too, but I love the new look of your fun! Have a great day!

Sara said...

Love your new header...and the wheatgrass! Are you going to juice it now? :)


thanks...yes i will probably juice grows so fast it is hard to keep up with it! :)

Lisa said...

What a beautiful post! I really need to try this with my girls!

Liz said...

I like your new header! Did you make it with Scrapblog? Very cute. I need some green in my house, maybe I should try this:)

Erin said...

Oh, your page is so pretty! I just responded to your comment on my page and look forward to reading your blog as well! :)

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