Friday, December 4, 2009

A Creative Christmas

The past couple of weeks I have started to feel a bit frazzled and overwhelmed. It started with black many of you know I have decided to take on the handmade challenge and that means all my Christmas gifts that I give this year I have made or I have bought them from the artist them self. So on "black friday" I really did not have anything to buy, but it is a tradition to go with my mom and sister shopping the day after thanksgiving. It was fun...but for some reason this year it was a little overwhelming. I guess I just have not been to the mall for a while, but it was crazy how much STUFF people buy, and just how much STUFF there is to buy. Holy Cow! After not shopping like this for a long time, it almost made me feel a little sick inside. I started feeling a bit anxious about gifts and if I am going to have enough time to make everything I wanted to do on top of keeping up with my store this time of year. (which has really picked up in the last few weeks! I just had my 50th sale today...yay!!)...but anyways you get the idea. My brain is going crazy and not to mention my house needs to be cleaned really bad!...hehe :)
Then today I sat down with a hot drink and for some reason I felt very calm. It might have been something to do with how the warm drink felt going into my stomach or maybe it was just the feeling of holding the warm mug in my hands. Whatever it was I felt a sense of contentment, and for that moment I was not worried about anything. While sipping my drink I realized that this whole time I have been focused on getting stuff done and what I will get people for Christmas. When buying handmade or making a gift you have to put a lot more thought into it. Its obviously better than focusing on what I want for Christmas, but I was missing the whole point! I think it is very common for everyone at some point in our culture to start out the "holiday" season with shopping and what we will buy for each other, when what we really need to do is approach the season intentionally thinking about Christ. Christ was God's gift to us and I encourage you all this year while shopping or creating a gift for someone to think of it as a symbol of God's gift to us...Christ.
Now of course there are traditions and festivities in celebrating the birth of Christ and that is wonderful! It is a Celebration! :) I have been really excited to share with you this coming week many ways of being more creative this Christmas. I have a collection of ideas, handmade goodies and projects that I have done, just thought were neat, want to do, or want to remember for next year. So look forward to a celebration post each day this week to help get your mind off the mall crowds and focus on celebrating and creativity...and stick around for a couple of giveaways at the end of the week! :)
If there is one thing I have learned in this 2009 year it is that being together is more important than getting things done. So kick back, relax, create, and don't get overwhelmed with the hussel-n-bussel of the holiday season. Love everyone the way God loves you...unconditionally. Give from the heart.


luke and pamela said...

this is definitely a lesson for me to remember too. i keep finding myself so caught up in to do lists. but it really shouldn't be about that. i just saw a you tube video that your post reminded me of - it was called advent conspiracy i think. check it out if you have time. :)
wishing you lots of time for crafting and more time for spending with your family!

Jess said...

Congrats on the 50th sale in your store! Even though I have the tree up and everything, we don't get any snow, and so it doesn't really feel like winter or Christmas yet! Looking forward to seeing what you will post!

Liz said...

Loved your post, so true. I catch myself getting caught up in it all. Just need to sit back and remember the reason.
We have one more birthing class left. I also have read some books on natural childbirth. Fun stuff:)

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