Sunday, December 6, 2009

Creative Christmas Day 1- Decorate!

For most celebrations the first thing we need to do is DECORATE! Making my home feel warm and cozy and festive is a must! I was telling my husband the other day that I love the feeling when I walk into our warm cozy house during this season with the tree all lit up. It makes me so excited to be home with my family. Of course there is the traditional Christmas tree (which we put up each year)..but just for fun as you can see above are a few crazy alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree that I found at apartment theropy. Maybe one of these years I will get brave enough. :)

Below are a few simple tutorials of decorative projects I would like to try at some point whether that be this year or next. I just didn't want to forget about them, and thought maybe one of you would want to give them a try.

1- ice wreath by resurrection fern...we need to have a snow with freezing weather first.(but thats ok, I could hold off on this one until next year)... :)

2-beeswax candles... I may even do these after the holidays if I don't get around to it before. They look super easy.

3-Sweater Stocking by lifeingrace on blissfullydomestic.

And of course a few etsy finds below that I could not pass up sharing...

cute birdie ornaments -by sugarelf

tree centerpieces from vintage trims- by thelittleprints (she may have already sold this one!)

festive felt garland-by me! :)
Have a splendid Sunday!


African Kelli said...

These are super ideas! I love the glittery christmas tree that is clingy to the wall in the first set of photos. It is so glam!
Hope you and sweet Will are great!

luke and pamela said...

love these things! your garland and the centerpieces especially!

cutandpaste said...

cute idea steph! love your little garland.

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