Monday, December 7, 2009

Creative Christmas Day 2-Tradition

hats and mittens advent calendar by garnet hill

A native Mexican plant, poinsettias were named after Joel R. Poinsett, U.S. ambassador to Mexico who brought the plant to America in 1828. Poinsettias were likely used by Mexican Franciscans in their 17th century Christmas celebrations. One legend has it that a young Mexican boy, on his way to visit the village Nativity scene, realized he had no gift for the Christ child. He gathered pretty green branches from along the road and brought them to the church. Though the other children mocked him, when the leaves were laid at the manger, a beautiful star-shaped flower appeared on each branch. The bright red petals, often mistaken for flowers, are actually the upper leaves of the plant.

Tradition! I love it...Each family and culture has their own traditions each year for celebrating Christmas. I came across this idea of an advent calendar ( I can't remember where I heard of it, but it was not my idea so I can not take the credit). Instead of the traditional advent calendar this one has a little twist. Placed inside each pocket is a piece of paper with something to do that night as a family. I came up with a list of 25 ideas that could be incorporated into the advent calendar, or just used as an individual new tradition. Some of them are probably already traditions in your family, but especially for kids there is so much excitement waking up in themorning to open up the next pocket on the calendar to see how they will be celebrating that evening.

1-put up the Christmas tree and decorate!
2-make ornaments.
3-drink apple cider and listen to Christmas music.
4-play a board game
5-feed the homeless at a local shelter.
6-make festive garland.
7-go ice skating
8-make a table centerpiece
9-make Christmas cards.
10-donate extra clothing to a shelter
11-go caroling.
12-make a button wreath
14-watch a Christmas movie.
15-invite friends over for a holiday dinner
16-make paper snowflakes
17-shop for family angel tree.
18-bake cookies.
19-deliver cookies.
20-look through old holiday photos while sipping hot chocolate.
21-look at Christmas lights.
22-wrap gifts.
23-read the Christmas Story.
24-go to church.
25-go around the table and share why each person in the family is a gift to you.

What traditions does your family do to celebrate Christmas?Have a lovely day.


Captivated said...

What a fun idea! Have you made and started yours? I look forward to establishing family traditions:)

STEPHANIE. said...

no I have not. I have fabric that I have set aside for it, but it was not at the top of my priority list. Maybe next year. :)

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