Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Remember GAK!?


Ok, so if you grew up in the 90's then you should totally remember this stuff. GAK! Remember the funny smell it had? Or the weird sound it would make when you squished it into the 5 bumps in it's plastic case? HA! We loved this stuff growing up. Thanks to the Internet, I found several recipes to make it at home! Wahoo!


First, gather your materials...

1 teaspoon Borax
4 oz. Elmer's glue
1 1/2 cups of water
food coloring

Start by adding the borax to the water and stir until dissolved.


Then pour the glue into a separate bowl.


Add food coloring. Will chose blue, so we added maybe 8 drops. I can't remember for sure. Just add some and stir and add more if you want it darker. Stir until it is combined.


Then carefully add the water/borax mixture to the glue and stir. 


Stir for a minute and watch the solids start to form.


At this point we just decided to go ahead and finish combining with our hands. Oh my it was sooo slimy! :)


We eventually transferred to a dry dish and continued play for like...humm..I think he stayed occupied with this stuff for a whole hour at LEAST. Wow! This is the one fun homemade activity that we have done where it has lasted longer than 5-10 minutes! Yay for GAK! The pigs even got in the goo.


We stored it in a plastic zip-lock bag and it has not changed it's consistency in one week so far. I have no idea how long it should last. I'll let you know.  :)

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