Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm catching up...

Hello there. Yes, I am still alive. I have not blogged for a while because in the last couple of months I had a baby, have been adjusting to two children, we moved (just across town), and mostly because we have not had Internet. :) So I have some major catching up to do...

My kids are growing so fast! Karlie is now just over two months old. She is healthy and happy all the time! She has just started reaching toward objects in front of her.

Karlie sleeping at 1 month

Smiling at Papa

And my little boy is now 3!!!

More pictures of Will's birthday here.

We have had visitors: my grandparents and friends from the Quad Cities.

We went to Stillwater to visit family for my nephew's birthday party and baptism.
Cousin Jaya pulling Will on a sled through the pile of leaves. :)

...and of course carving a pumpkin is an autumn necessity. Will thought that putting the candle in and watching it glow in the dark was the coolest thing ever! (I liked roasting the seeds) :)

We also made some yummy Halloween treats! Waffle pretzels+ Hershey's chocolate Hugs (melted for a few min. in the oven)+ candy corn=deliciously addictive.

I also had a birthday. It was my GOLDEN birthday this year. I remember thinking when I was little that turning 28 on the 28th seemed like forever away...and my hubby and friends were very thoughtful and threw me a surprise costume party. It was amazing!!! Since it was a surprise I was not prepared with my camera so I don't have any pictures. Thad and I went as Gnomeo and Juliet. :) He is so sneaky...but I did get a picture of the beautiful fall bouquet that he got me. Fresh flowers make me happy. :)

And for the night of gathering too much sugar...we have a darling daisy and Buzz Lightyear!!

The last two months have been a whirlwind! Thad has been busy at work, and loving it more everyday. We are finally feeling settled in our new place and the kids are growing like crazy. Will surprises me everyday with how smart he is and makes me laugh with the funniest things he says. I need to start writing them down. :) I have also re-opened up my etsy store now that we have Internet. Yay for getting things back to normal again..whatever normal is. :)


Kristin said...

ahhh thank you for posting! It was amazing to see some pictures and to look at the other pictures on your site. I just would love to snuggle those adorable kiddos :) Good on ya mama (means 'good job mama' here! haha)you are doing a great job! love you!

Captivated said...

Love the update! Doesn't it go fast? Geesh. I didn't want to believe it but there's no denying based on experience. We must enjoy every. moment. of every. stage. and find gratitude in the mundane. Your munchkins are too stinkin cute in their costumes! Must talk soon...I wanna hear about life as a mother of TWO! :) peac,love, dove:)

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