Thursday, July 21, 2011

You are meant to be Extraordinary!

Just a thought for today...

Throughout Scripture God chooses ordinary, willing people to further his kingdom. Some of them today we may even call an "outcast." He doesn't wait for us to be spotlessly clean in order to use us. He chose a stutterer to speak for him (Moses), a weakling to defend him (Gideon), an infertile woman to be the mother of a nation (Sarah), a forgettable youngest son to be the most unforgettable king of his people (David), an unknown young lady to be the mother of his son (Mary), and a persecutor to take the Gospel to the nations (Paul). He actually promised to use us for the extraordinary and through those experiences to strengthen us. How cool is that? Why would we ever think that anyone, including ourselves is beyond the reach of God's work? We are of worth to Him! I confess my unwillingness to take the risks needed in order to follow Him at times, but am praying that my awe of Him may be increased significantly.

It seems easy to forget about sometimes. After reading about this today I felt the need to share. :) Have a spectacular Thursday!

1 comment:

Rachel Farley said...

This is solid.

I constantly need to hear this.


Here is to doing crazy things for the sake of the cross!!
(Toast glass now) :)

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