Friday, February 4, 2011

Missing the QC...


Last weekend we had the privilege of visiting some lovely friends in the Quad Cities. I have realized how much I missed them all and I think Will realized how much he missed being around all his little buddies again. Don't get me wrong we do love living in Des Moines again, but of course anytime you leave a place behind there are things that are missed. :( We are so very thankful to have each of these in our lives. Here are my top 10...

10. Leaves and acorns! Living in a really old neighborhood with really large trees makes for lots of leaf and acorn collecting. Will would fill a whole jar and sort them out when we got home.

9. the Family Museum in Bettendorf. Will LOVED this place! So much to do and explore!

8.Vintage Baby; the best consignment store I have found yet. It is huge and has everything from baby clothes to maternity and women's and men's clothes, to toys and home and furniture. We would always bring our unwanted items and always seemed to have a little store credit. love it.

7. Troxel Intern Program- although it made Thad super busy and was not home all the time I do miss all the people involved who made it feel like one big family...and free adjustments by an awesome doc.

6.Watching the seasons in our neighborhood as we walked the block everyday. Seeing and learning which flowers die out at which part of the season and watching the new ones bloom.

5. the local Hy-Vee; we would be greeted by the same faces every time we went and they always had everything we needed. :)

4. My La Leche League gals; sharing common interests, struggles, and joys.

3. Vanderveer Park that we walked to every week at least once to feed the ducks and look at it's beautifulness.

2. Heritage Church and Heartstrings...I can not say enough great things about this place. :)

1. All the cute little guys in that top picture and their parents. (and other friends not pictured.) We are so thankful to have such wonderful friends, going through the same stage of life together, having babies....all you guys are truly missed.

To see more pics of our day visiting click here.

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Jamie said...

Your comment about LLL reminded me...I think I read awhile back that Will started sleeping in his own space because he was moving around too much (correct me if I am thinking of someone else). How did you guys transition him?? Were you nursing through the night at that point in time? We are starting to get Lauren to sleep in her own crib because she wants to sleep perpendicular to us in bed and it is not working. Unfortunately, my lazy nursing sessions are over though :( Just curious about your experiences because it is not fun getting up 4 times in the middle of the night to nurse a 17 mo. old!

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