Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Resolution: Get Sketching Again!

photo from the sketchbook project(I think would be fun to join next year!)

Well I did pretty good with my no sugar January resolution....fortunately with being pregnant I have wanted more salty foods so far and not so much sweet which has been so nice!! With an exception of a couple chocolates and some things I am sure was made with white sugar I actually made it through the month! The point was to get out of the mode of feeling like I needed something sweet everyday. I think it was successful! Unless it is my pregnant body just not wanting sugar, I think it helped break the bad habits and cravings. :)...and on the subject of diet I decided that I need to start being more aware of getting enough protein everyday and getting back on track with eating more greens and veggies now that I feel like I handle them. :) But that is a boring Feb. resolution, so I decided to challenge myself to doing a drawing everyday this month. I miss how much I used to use my sketchbook and maybe it would get my creative mind going again. :) oh the days in college when I used to live in that sketchbook. I put everything in there! After taking naps everyday and having no other free time lately I think this is a good way to jump start my second trimester which is quickly approaching in another week. Wahoo!...and so February begins. (one month closer to March, which is when the sunshine comes out more!!!)

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Captivated said...

Yeah! Good for you with the no sugar thing. It makes a huge difference! And definitely start sketching again! You're so cute at it, and it's therapuetic too:) I'm not as good, but I have a sketchbook I should whip out again! xo

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