Friday, December 11, 2009

Creative Christmas Day 5- Relax.

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As we speak I am soaking my feet. I can not tell you how wonderfully relaxing it is having my feet in warm water while looking out at the snow and eating some chocolate of course. :) I have realized after putting a lot of my time in to making gifts and preparing for Christmas I have not been taking much time to relax...and with a 1 year old this time is short and precious! As women we are made to be the nurturers and to put others first. It is hard to remember to take time for solitude and relaxation. No one wants to be stressed, especially this time of year when we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of Christ. Stopping each day to remember why I am doing the things I am doing and redirecting myself if necessary. How often do you pause to be present and really enjoy the beauty of a moment or place? I remember as a child the times I would be the most present, reflective and aware of my surroundings was while I was waiting for a ride. I would look out the window, sometimes draw pictures on the window if it was cold outside and fogged over, tap to a beat in my head, watch the squirrels outside, and just be. Being is just as important as doing.

"Slowing Down the speed of Life", a book written by Richard Carlson states 5 consequences from being busy-minded:

1- Become reactive instead of responsive.
2-Take negative behavior personally rather than seeing the innocence.
3-You miss out on the good times.
4-Loose sight of compassion.
5-You expect too much from others.

I am guilty of all of these at times and I have realized that life is too short to spend your time and energy doing what drains you. Yes there are chores that need to be done even though we don't want to do them, but they might not need to get done just that minute. Here are a few ideas I came up with to stop today and relax and reflect, followed by a foot bath recipe. :)


***breathe deeply.

***take a gratitude walk: alone or with your family. Start walking outside and while looking at the trees, sky, etc. share out loud what you are thankful for. If it is cold, then bundle up! Fresh air is always a good thing. (It just might be a shorter walk)

***say no if you have to.

***make a rice sock for your shoulders...or maybe make one as a gift for a friend.

***sip some hot tea.

***enjoy a foot bath. :)

-1 gallon of warm water
-3 drops of lavender essential oil.(use peppermint if you have a stuffy nose)
-1 cup of Epsom salts

*oh it feels so nice on a cold night. :) Did you know that your feet have the largest pores of any area on your body. Foot baths could help improve your circulation, ease fatigue, and relieve stress and illnesses.

Take care of yourself so you can care for others.

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Fern said...

I LOVE this list... esp the "say no if you have to" - that's some wisdom right there. I share the 1 year old load :) Sweet, but serious WORK!

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