Sunday, March 1, 2009

to create, my passion

A few weeks ago I was reading my friend Maria's blog. She wrote a post about her passions and her goals in life. Then she ended with the question...
What are you passionate about? How can you start teaching those around you? What are you waiting for?
hummm...that made me think about my life and what I am doing with the gifts I have been given. After thinking long and hard about it I realized that there is something beautiful about awakening peoples creativity...and specifically kids. I think that is my passion! Everyone is creative, I just feel that sometimes it takes someone else to find that spark and lead them in the right direction.

Why create?...I believe that we are made in the image of God;the i create because it is a part of my nature to do so. 

I will first start with my a mama I want to make it a priority as my children grow to help them find who they are in Christ, how they can contribute creatively to our world and also to introduce nature to them at a young age so they can see, feel, hear, taste, and appreciate what God has created. 
What I would like to do eventually (when Will is maybe at least a year old or so), is to teach private art lessons to kids of all ages. I went to the University of Northern Iowa and started studying art education until I realized that I did not want to teach in a classroom for various political I switched to studio art with an emphasis in painting. I loved it, and I am super happy that I made that decision, but I still have that urge to teach, or to bring out the creativity in children. That is why I think private art lessons would be perfect. I have a ton of lessons that I kept from my classes in college and I am constantly collecting and creating new lessons and ideas for exploring. I do not have a detailed plan of how I can go about starting this for it is the very beginning process, but I will be posting my thoughts more often as it comes together.

Here are a few fabulous links to sites and projects I have been getting lots of ideas from. Most of them are for art exploring, but also some other activities for kids that some of you homeschooling moms might enjoy. 

-a super cute mobile for 
hanging treasured objects or outdoor finds.
-fun artistic trading cards from Wise Craft

-great ideas to jump start imaginative play, and also offers stories and products to encourage exploration.

playful learning
-offers creative tutorials and lessons in reading, writing, math, social studies, science, well being, art, theatre, and even fun activities to get in touch with the seasons.

blissful kids
 -more fun projects for the elementary age child.

let's explore 
and kinderart 
are two more great sites for specifically digging into the creative side of fine arts.


Kristin said...

you would be so wonderful at this sister!!!! I am thinking that you will need to give ME one of these lessons of yours:) I love your creativity!

Brian said...

You're great!

The key to grilled cheese....

Butter both sides of the bread. One side lighter than the other. Start with the lightly buttered side down- once it's crisp flip it over and put the cheese on. I always use 3 pieces of cheese on each sandwich. 1 1/2 on each piece of bread. So, you have your two pieces of bread with the cheese slowly melting ;D Flip them together and wait for it to become melty goodness of a grilled cheese. I sometimes press it down to make sure that the cheese melts all the way.

If you have a grill pan it's extra great!

Hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

yay!!!!!!!! i'm so glad you were inspired :) sounds incredible and i can't wait to learn more from you--I already learn so much from reading your blog! -Maria

Anonymous said...

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