Monday, September 24, 2012

Growing up

I know I know a week break turned into a couple. It is interesting how getting out of the groove of something totally throws you off. Well around our house lately I feel like a lot of growing up has happened. Will started pre-school a couple weeks ago and LOVES it! He tells me all about his friends he plays with and the songs he sings. I love to see his face all lit up when I pick him up. Here is a picture of him on his first day.


These two kiddos are hilarious together! Karlie suddenly thinks it is a blast to wrestle with brother and sometimes can not stop laughing at him. She just thinks he is the coolest. A few of them together on Will's first day of school before we left.


I think the day I realized that Will was growing up so fast is the day he learned to pump his legs by himself on the swings. Wow, it really hit me a few weeks ago when he finally caught on to that. He looks sooo big! The time goes by so fast. He also started playing in a fall soccer league. Here he is cheesing it up with the soccer pose. Go Will!



Kristin said...

LOVE all of these!! SO sweet :)

Christmas ornaments said...

Nice Pic... very cute

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