Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shared Bedrooms

I would love for my kids to share a bedroom while they are little. I know one day they will want their own since they are the opposite sex, but in another year or so we plan to move Karlie into a room with Will. Talking to sleep or listening to music or books on CD together...those are memories they will remember and can draw them closer together. Thinking about them sharing a room immediately gets my creative juices flowing. It will need to be fun and colorful...I love all the possibilities of all these colorful and creative shared bedroom spaces I have found across the web. A few of my favorites ideas I have found/ (pinned)... :)

{use paint to split sides}

{positioning head of beds together}

{eclectic and colorful}

{star gaze and hide-out bunks}

{fun for three (not that we are planning on it)...:)}

1 comment:

luke and pamela said...

i love the bedroom for 3! not cramped at all! i don't know how i haven't seen your pinterest already, but i just clicked on it and love love love the colors. i am afraid i am heading into a pinterest time-warp...

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