Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have been meaning to post these for you sis...and the rest of you all. :)

*Karlie giggles*

*Karlie's first time swinging*

Those were the sweet videos, and now on to the hilarious...

The first beautiful day after being cooped up inside for the winter. You think he was excited to run free in the sand with his shoes off?
*The Sand Dance*

...and this last one, oh dear. I think it is even funnier that Will wanted to keep watching it over and over again and laugh at himself.
*Super Will*


Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

These are all hilarious Steph! Was Will okay?! :) I assume so, since he's a boy! We've got some pretty similar videos of Chris falling off his bed when he was that age...more like catapulting off!

Kristin said...

hahahahahaha! We are laughing so hard! We were JUST talking about this the other day, weren't we? :) haha! I'm guessing he was okay if he wanted to keep watching it :) I love these! Karlie's laugh and smiles are just contagious and never ending. SO sweet. Thanks for posting these!

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