Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Sensory Tubs!

The Construction Sensory Tub has been Will's favorite by far! It is his little indoor sandbox. We put this together maybe a month ago, but since the nice weather came we have been out in the big outdoor one. We will save this one for rainy days. :)
*included with the construction sensory tub: playing sand, two plastic construction equipment tractor things(i have no idea what the names are), wooden blocks, two plastic orange cones, popsicle sticks, two scoops, and several sand molds.

He also liked racing his micro cars through the sand as well.
...and then of course putting them into their appropriate ice cube garage stalls when done. :)

I have not shared with you several other sensory tub themes that we have done. Here are a couple that I took pictures of...

Rainbow Sensory tub (an I-Spy themed tub)- I gave him a list of things and how many of each object he needed to find.
*included inside: magnifying glass for searching, one scoop, pipe cleaners, plastic beads (different colors, shapes, and some animals), string to put beads on, stickies, variety of pom pons, foam blocks, plastic colorful shapes, and the plastic magnet letters that spell out "rainbow."

Ocean Sensory Tub
*included: water, variety of sea animals (fish, sharks, dolphins, whales, etc.), marbles, glass beads, one scoop, sea shells, and a couple of cups.

He loves his sensory tubs, but by far he has loved his indoor sandbox the best. He could play in it for hours...and of course making me dig into it too. :)


Becky Bartlett said...

So creative!!!

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

I LOVE this Steph! You should definitely post more mama ideas...Send more ideas this way!

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