Monday, July 11, 2011

Crazy for CARS

This past weekend we took Will to see his first movie in the theater. Cars 2! He was so excited and could not stop talking about. :) We got there and I thought he would be really overwhelmed by the large screen, but he wasn't. He just sat there like he did this sort of thing all the time. We watched a ton of previews and after every single one he kept asking when we were going to see cars. He giggled at stuff because others were, not necessarily because he understood what was going on all the time. :) He was so stinkin cute!! Although after a couple snacks he was kind of antsy and kept switching seats to sit on my lap or Thad's lap, and stood up to dance and move around a few times. But he did great! I didn't expect him to sit through the whole thing. Cars 2 was good, he recognized some of the characters from the first movie and enjoyed the racing scenes, but for the most part there was way too much of an action storyline for Will to follow with this sequel. I think I like the cuteness of Cars 1 better, and there is a lot less violence in the first one. But we had a lot of fun, and the last couple of weeks have seemed to be filled with activities Cars related.

cars+stickers+crayons=awesome race track!
Car track

...with some extra supplies around the house a made a few fun magnets to surprise Will
Cars magnets

A man in Des Moines who restores old cars made a real life replica of Tow Mater. So my Dad took Will to see it. He was able to climb on the back too!
(My brother with Will)

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