Monday, June 13, 2011

Where have I been?

The time has got away from me with all the nice weather and the rainy days figuring out what to do to get a 2 year old's energy out. :) We have been super busy, which is a good thing! We have been to the zoo a couple times. I love having a season pass, and dinosaur adventure day was way fun! We have been spending time with my sister and family and doing all things summery to kick off the season right...oh yes and I can't forget we have been doing lots of digging in the sand! Will even had his first sleepover with his friend Lincoln while we visited friends in the Quad Cities. They had so much fun! Here is an array of random pictures over the last couple of weeks...

Will and Hunter digging in the sand
will and hunter digging

I could not get him to look at the camera for anything :)
dinosaur adventure

three of my brothers and Will climbing on the caterpillar at the Blank Park Zoo
bros and will

...and more climbing...I should have got a picture of the tiger. That was his absolute favorite!!
Frog and will

Cute Story: We visited our dear friends in the Quad Cities a week or so ago and we tried putting Will and Lincoln in the same room for a little sleepover. We placed a mattress on the floor for Will and tucked them in and said goodnight. (...after a very creative story told by Thaddy Daddy of course) We heard them talking a little bit and eventually they fell asleep. When we peeked in to check on them later they were both sleeping in Lincolns toddler bed on the same pillow. And they slept like that all night! How cute. I really thought we would have to end up splitting them up, but they proved us wrong. :)

Oh!...and look! I actually won something from the May Giveaway Day! This beautiful headband from Crystal over at Crafty Ave. Thank you Crystal! I love it!
New headband


Kristin said...

I LOVE that story about Will and Lincoln...sooo stinking cute!!! Love you guys :)

Jess said...

Love the Linc and Will story. I can just picture it. So cute! I also appreciate the phrase "Thaddy Daddy" :)

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