Friday, June 24, 2011

Home-Grown Bean Sprouts

sprouting mung beans

All edible grains, seeds, and legumes can be sprouted. Sprouting is easy, inexpensive and the concentration of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes increase like crazy! It is also a lot of fun to watch them grow. We like to eat them as a snack and over salads. Will even liked them! We specifically decided to sprout mung beans. When mung beans are sprouted the protein increases 30%, the calcium 34%, iron 40%, and vitamins A,B, and C have an infinite increase. There are so many other benefits including better digestion and interestingly the calorie content and carbohydrate content decrease by 15% because of the increased water content. Just make sure that you buy the beans fresh, unsprayed, and packaged as a food. Seeds/dried beans that are packaged for planting purposes contain harsh chemicals. Don't they look yummy!!! :)


Here is how we did it...

- Soak 1/2 a cup of mung beans for 8-12 hours.(or overnight)

-Rinse thoroughly and place in a jar. Cover with several inches of water and cover the top with a cheesecloth. Use a rubber band or jar band to secure. (they double in size when sprouted so be sure to choose a large enough jar)

-Place the beans in a dark place at room temperature and let soak another 8-12 hours.

-Drain the beans thoroughly again and rinse. Place back in the fully drained jar and cover with cheesecloth. Return to the dark location.

-Continue to rinse beans twice a day and drain the water completely. This keeps them from getting moldy.

-When the sprouts have reached the desired size (usually takes 2-3 days) then rinse them and eat immediately or store in a dry container in the fridge for up to a week!

will and bean sprout

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