Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Preggers One week apart! 21 and 22 weeks.

On Sunday, Will and I ventured out to Omaha to visit our dear friend Libby while Thad was at a seminar. Libby and I are due with in a week of each other. It is such a blessing to be going through times like this with someone you are close to. It was a quick day trip, but we tried to make the best of it...even with a tired child who did not get a nap. :) We went to McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe for brunch where we had amazing delishiousness, and then shopped a bit and headed to the Omaha Children's Museum! Will loved it! I think he could have stayed there for a whole week. :) It was perfect for his age and actually an overwhelming amount of stuff to do. He would get stuck at one thing for a while and he would not want to leave. He did not realize how much more of the museum there was to explore. We rode on the carousel (a.k.a the ride in Mary Poppins), explored the science and mechanical gadgets with tons and tons of balls, performed (ran around) on stage as a tiger and with whimsical ribbons, hung out in the creative arts room and imagination playground. I was really impressed with the imagination playground...there was a large fire house with a huge climbing structure and slide and a big fire truck to sit on and pretend drive and you could try on the fire hat and boots. There was a play market, and farmhouse that you could climb in with life-sized animals and plants to harvest. But Will's favorite part of all that I think he stayed at for well over an hour was the water table where he got soaked! It was hard to pull him away from there. :) Below are a few pictures to show you just how cool it was...

McFoster's Natural Kind cafe

Omaha Children's Museum

Rainbow Farm and playroom


IMG_5314mary poppins!



balls 2

...and so many more here.


Kristin said...

looks like a ton of fun!!!! what a fun day trip!!!

Captivated said...

So much fun! Love the hilarious belly pic. Love you guys! The zoo is next in our serious of oh-omaha:)

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