Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Will at Play

big house!

Building houses for all of Will's little people has been the thing around here in the past couple of months. He usually says "Biiig Huse! (house)" and then we drag out all the blocks and I start the foundation. He stacks a few blocks here and there and I usually finish it off. And of course I had to decorate the entrance with plastic trees. :) This is one of our very favorite houses we have built. He had the idea of using some blocks for beds. I am not sure if someone showed that to him before or not, but I thought that was pretty creative. Then I decided to set up a long table for them to eat. Then he decided to start lining up the cars inside too. So I guess it is kind of like one large house community sleeping garage room. :) And we usually end up making quite the mess at the end of the day. Pick up. Rebuild the next morning. Ha! Love it. :)

messy family room



Angela Thayer said...

He is SO cute, Steph!! I hope to hang out with you when you are back in Des Moines!!

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

Love it love it...go builder Will! (and Stephy, I guess!)

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