Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photo Update...


There has been lots of stuff going on around here lately since we are moving in a couple of weeks. Lot's of packing and organizing and spending time with friends. Our place is starting to look a little different with boxes starting to pile up and bits of furniture starting to disappear.(sold on craigslist! yes!...less to move. ) Will seems too busy with life to seem to really care too much. For all he knows he has more room to run around. We visited our new nephew a couple weeks ago, went to apple orchards, Will had his first sucker (oh it killed me to see him eat that much sugar) ha!, learned to hit the ball the right way...kind of, made play dough, sidewalk chalk galore!, and spent lots of time with friends. Here are a few photos to share...

1st suckers
the sucker...oh my.

flour+salt+water=play dough


sidewalk drawings
we make a creative team :)

Will and Lincoln- we will miss you Linc!
chickens 3
I tried to teach him to walk like a chicken. It was pretty hilarious. :)
...and Thad teaching him to hit the ball. Wow, he just seems so big in this video! Almost two!!
Happy Wednesday to you. :)


Kristin said...

I love the video!!! It REALLY made me miss you guys. Can't wait to see you hopefully soon! love you all!

loosegrip said...

That video is darling! Nice capture!

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