Friday, September 3, 2010

Niabi Zoo

Aah Ah!

Today we saw elephants and monkeys and birds and wallaby and ducks and fish and goats and sheep and ponies and cattle and emu and reptiles and giraffe and wolves and bobcats and zebra and camels and elk and panthers and leopards and lions and tigers and bears oh my! HA! And we took a ride on the choo-choo train of course. It was a beautiful sun shiny day and we took advantage of the free day at the zoo. Will loved seeing all the animals, but what surprised me was that he actually seemed a little intimidated by seeing them in real life. He made me hold him the whole time! Not the stroller, not Thad, but only by me. I love cuddle times, but oh my carrying him the through the whole zoo gave me quite the arm workout. I'm buff now. :)



tiger 2


me will and baby giraffes

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! :)

1 comment:

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

Girl, you've always been buff. :)

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