Friday, August 27, 2010

Colorful Scrap Pillows

sweater scrap pillow 2

A couple weeks ago I decided that I needed to sew something really colorful and fun and bright for our new place...did I mention that we are moving in a couple months? Well, we are!...Thad will be done with classes finally and we will be back in the Des Moines area. So sad to leave our good friends in the QC, but always good to be close to family and old friends! :)

I get so excited about decorating new spaces...and always with lots of color of course! We are renting again before we know for sure the area Thad will be practicing in and with most rental places they don't allow you to paint the walls. Well in this place we can! I am so excited! Contemplating a bright cheerful yellow in the living room and maybe a bright aqua blue in the kitchen...humm. I don't know yet, but I do know it will be colorful! So I decided to make some fun new pillows with scraps I had lying around. Two of the pillows I used material from old sweaters, and the other two are scraps of cotton fabric from the stash. Making it cozy for the winter to come. New pillows are always a good way to change and lighten up a room with out spending a lot of money. In fact I spend $0! Covered old pillows and used left over stuffing from the craft closet. Well enough are the pillows!

scrap pillows

cotton scrap pillow


Anonymous said...

Love 'em, Steph!! They will be GREAT in your new place!!
I ADORE the new picture of Will that you posted a couple of weeks ago!! It really captures his personality!!
love you!!

Captivated said...

Aw, SO pretty! So you are for sure moving to Des Moines, eh? I guess last time we talked you were a bit up in the air, although you hoped it would work out. Exciting! Great job on the pillows, you're making me want to go sew mine now that no one is living in our spare room anymore;) love ya!

Jess said...

Hi Stephanie! Recently found your blog through Pamela's and wanted to say hi :)

Those pillows are so great! Old it. You little Will is adorable, too! I have TWO boys now: 5 weeks and 21 months. Crazy but so fun!

Have a great weekend.

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