Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation Part 2- The Berry Farm and Backyard Swimming!

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It was sooo hot!...and we had a blast. With the exception of a couple of tantrums this was such a fun day! We started by going out to Berry Fresh berry farm in Adel. We spent the morning picking raspberries, eating raspberries, and petting Maggie the horse. We also met Chewie the alpaca and watched Beulah, the cow escape through the fence. No worries, she stuck around. :) Will loved sitting on Maggie. He kept saying,"riiide. ride." After picking berries we went fishing for a while at the pond by the berry farm owners house where we also saw a flock of 7-8 turkeys. With out question Will ran after them while holding a cracker in each hand. In his excitement his body got moving a little faster than his feet and down he went...face first...on the concrete. It was tragic, and he was crying with a beauty of a scrape on his nose from eating the driveway. The good news out of this, however, was that he did not let go of his crackers. Nope, he went down holding on to them and came up with them. THIS, is why his daddy thinks he will be a great running back. :) After falling asleep in the car on the way home all the cousins enjoyed a nice cool swim in the backyard at Gram and Grampi's. Fun stuff! You can check out the rest of the pictures by clicking here and here.

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