Saturday, May 8, 2010

What we have been up to...

My creation
In the past month we have enjoyed...
-lots of slides and swings
-rainbow sidewalks
-visiting the market again
-growing really tall tomato plants and flowers and herbs.
-book, books, and more books!
-Hillsong United in concert...Booyah!
-tried a detox- quit after the first day and later ate ice cream...oops.
-watched Will grow tall enough to reach the rim on our lil' tikes basketball hoop.
-spent a lot of time can check out what I have been working on here.
-learning to be free from discouragement.
-listened to thunder and raindrops.
-family movie night; watched Planet 51- Will loved it!
-lot's of grilling out.
-new yoga styles that kicked my butt!
-many neighborhood walks.
-hit the trails with my new rollerblades.
-pushing toy cars through old papertowel rolls.
-jumping on our mini trampoline.
-Thad starting in the main clinic and passed his second set of boards!...Wahoo!!

P.S.-Soon Thad might join me in writing a post every once in a while. :)


Kristin said...

I love your paintings :) They are beautiful!

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

I remember you on a mini-trampoline... is it you or Will that's been doing most of the jumping?!?! I actually told one of my students about your bible verse memory tactics involving that trampoline the other day. :) I miss you!

STEPHANIE. said...

Yay Nicole! I was actually remembering some of those verses the other day...jump memorization was very beneficial! :)...and you caught me, yes I do a lot of the jumping too! :)

Captivated said...

Wow, you've been busy bees! LOVE the paintings and your commitment to your family:) You're such a good mama...Happy Mother's Day!

Heather said...

Hi Steph!

Thanks for the blog comment, I am new to this whole thing and have always loved yours! I can't believe how fast the little guy is growing up. Brian and I were in KC at the Plaza this weekend and I was thinking about our KC weekend w/ Liz for SYTYCD! So fun! :)

Are you going to have any of your paintings in your Etsy shop? I was pretty much drooling over them all, especially the fruit/veggies ones for my kitchen. :)

Abby said...

I sure do miss that mini trampoline... ;) AND your paintings! I LOVE the first one, Spring Leaves.

STEPHANIE. said...

yay! I am so glad you guys ike the paintings! I am in the process of getting some prints made that will be in my store and then eventually I will sell the originals too.

Jamie said...

Is that a cloth diaper I see?? I hope that things are going well!!

STEPHANIE. said...

yep it is! It is going great now that I finally feel like we have a system going. We only have enough for 2 days and then a day of washing...repeat. I really enjoy it! I usually put a cover over the prefolds, but he got away from me too quick. :)

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