Wednesday, May 12, 2010 you are going.

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"Go and make disciples..." The grammatical understanding of "go" literally means "as you are going." So why do we always have to think BIG. In order to be a disciple or do what God wants for me doesn't have to involve across the world mission trips. It could and that is awesome! We could sit for hours, days, or years to wait and see what God has planned for us, or we could do as we are going.
"Serving God is going with what you know to do today with all the passion you have." -Gloria Gaither
If you were to live with all the passion you have each day, how would this change your view of things in life? As a stay at home mom I sometimes think...what are my dreams? What am I supposed to do in life? Am I really making a difference? Until I realized that I am doing the most important thing as we speak; raising a child to love the Lord. There is cooking, and cleaning, and piles of laundry and going to the park, and playing with blocks, etc...but to go at all that passionately is creating interest in the Lord for Will. It may seem little, but it is BIG. Our pastor at Heritage Church once said that we create interest in our leader only to the degree that we are authentic followers.
So, as I am going through my day I should do it passionately, authentically, and know that these are my purposes for now.

p.s. Just so you know I write about such things not because I have mastered it (quite the opposite actually), but more as a reminder for myself. :)


Kristin said...

I agree! Raising children IS making disciples and IS raising up laborers to reach the world for Christ! It is so exciting and challenging to be do this day in and day out with someone who sees every bit of you- the good and the bad. Praying for you as you and Thad lead Will to Christ. I love your heart sis!

Kelli B said...

Just wanted to stop in and say i'm enjoying your blog and posts lately! You inspire and challenge me Steph.

Christina Silverio said...

Thank you so very much for this. I'm fairly new at the sahm thing, and this really really helps me. :)

Sophie said...

I needed this. More than I can say actually. Thank you for your blog, it's wonderful. Blessings to you and your family.

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