Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simple Breakfast Favs


1) Oatmeal (leaves me feeling satisfied, but not heavy.)...serves 3-4.
-1 cup steel cut oats (a.k.a Irish Oatmeal)
-2 cups of water
-1 Tbsp. flaxseeds
-agave nectar
*bring water to boil. add oats. cook until softened. add flax and desired amout of agave.

2)Chia and Peaches (soooo refreshing and energizing! This was my very favorite last summer.)
- 6 heaping scoops of chia gel
- 1/2 cup of diced fresh peaches (or other fruit...strawberries are yummy too.)
-drizzled honey to taste.
* To make the chia gel: add 1/3 cup of chia seed to 2 cups of water in a small bowl. Let sit out on counter for 10-15 minutes or until a gel forms (tapioca consistency). Make sure to stir often so it does not clump together. This makes enough for a few breakfast. Keep it covered in the fridge for a week or two. Take a table spoon and add 6 heaping scoops (or however you want) to a bowl. Top with diced peaches and drizzle wth honey.
*If you have not heard of chia beyond the pet :) here for more chia facts and recipes. You will be surprised at with how awesome and powerful this little seed is!

3) Banalmond Smoothie(usually a snack, but a good breakfast along with maybe a slice of toast)
-almond milk (you can make your own or buy at the store)
-2 bananas
-3 medjool dates, pitted
*in a blender add bananas and dates. Pour in almond milk. (however much you want...the less you add the thicker it will be) Blend. serve. enjoy. ** the dates may not blend perfectly. I kind coming across a chunck of sweetness here and there. :)


gardenmama said...

such a sweet kitchen!
your smoothie sounds great! my mom keeps telling me to try chia seeds and how great they are for you.

Mrs. Rogers said...

Oh, I am going to try the oatmeal this weekend since I already have all the ingrediants at home, agave nector and all!!!! I never even thought of putting my flax in oatmeal. I've just always used it to add some nutritional value to pancakes...

STEPHANIE. said...

well, the kitchen is not mine. I found the picture on apartment theropy a while ago and now can't find it again for the credit. I will keep lookig, if I can't find it I might need to remove it. :(...and yes the flax gives it a good crunch. Flax oil would probably give it more nutritional value since we cant break down the seed as well for optimal digestion, but it is still super gooood. :)

Jamie said...

Yummy! I have been wanting to buy agave nectar for a long time but wanted to use my honey up first, you made me so hungry this morning that I went and bought some today!

We love oats in the morning and always put some flax in as well and usually some sort of chopped fruit that is in the freezer, this morning it was chopped grapes! I have been trying to eliminate processed foods so it has been tough thinking of things in the morning since I was a sugary cereal girl before!

I need to experiment with Quinoa!

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