Monday, January 18, 2010

The Four Essentials to Life

photo by boliston

There have been found to be four physical essentials to life that we know of. I have learned that instead of just existing, it is left up to me to choose this in higher quality leading me to live longer and happier. Many of us are familiar with the first three that we have been taught in grade school, but #4 seems to be something many of us don't even think about or have skipped over. Check it out!

#1 Food-the body can live approx. 30 days without food.
Food gives the body nutrients for energy and healing. It is the quality of this food that determines how much nutrition the body receives. Many processed foods lack nutrition altogether, and many fruits and veggies are covered in pesticides or are genetically engineered. When the body takes these types of food in, it takes away valuable energy trying to rid the body of toxins. Making a choice to eat organic, unprocessed food the way nature intended you to is very important in minimizing the toxins in your life.

#2 Water- the body can live approx. 4 days without water.
We all know that we should be drinking lots of water through out the day, but what about the quality? Many cities send out alerts as to the local water contents. It is best to drink filtered water. According to the EPA, there have been 480,000 cases of learning disorders in children each year in the United States due to lead in drinking water! Ahh! crazy! There is so much to learn on this. We use a PUR water filter in our home and I have heard that it doesn't even filter out the bad stuff...hummm, lots to learn.

#3 Air-the body can live for approx. 4 minutes without air.
The world record for holding ones breath is still a matter of minutes. we need this oxygen to allow or body to thrive, producing energy for all the body functions.

#4 Nerve Supply- the body can only live a fraction of a second without nerve supply!
Your nervous system controls everything that you do, and don't think about doing. Every action, healing, hearing, seeing, breathing, blood flow, temperature maintenance, originates in the brain. A message travels down the spinal column and out into the body. Subluxations block and slow these messeges causing health problems beyond headaches and back problems. The only way to remove the interference caused by subluxations is to get adjusted. Get a hold of a chiro! In order to be at 100%, your body must be functioning at 100%. It all begins with your nervous system.

Everyone has potential to be truly healthy. It's about quality of life!

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Anonymous said...

not only getting water, but the neccessary amount. half an ounce for every pound of body weight. that should be your minimal goal. and drinking things that CONTAIN water is not the same as drinking water. especially if you're drinking tea or coffee as caffeine dehydrates you, so more water is neccessary in that situation as well. nice post, wifey. :)


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