Friday, October 23, 2009

Art Market Saturday!

For those of you in the Des Moines area...Come visit me at the Art Market this Saturday, October 24th from 9am-5pm. This month is the Art Market Rummage Sale. In addition to the regular handmade, art and vintage stock, there will be vendors bringing rummage sale-esque things. Specifically, things that fall into the creative category: fabric scraps, supplies, tossed-aside arts projects, books, resources, etc. There might even be some food vendors available for lunch. Here is some more info below. Also just to let you know that for parking you may need to navigate around the Race for the Cure. This map might help. Hope to see you there!

What will I see there?
You’ll see 40 local vendors with everything from baked goods to knitted goods to art, vintage jewelry, handmade furniture, toys, apparel… It varies month to month, but it’s always interesting, always local, always well made.

What payments do you accept?
That all depends on the vendor. Come prepared with cash and check.

When and where?
The remaining Market Days are the October Rummage Sale, October 24 from 9a-5p and the Black Friday Sale on November 27 from 8a-6p.
Market Day takes place at Market Street Media Foundry, 118 SE 4th Street in Des Moines. If you head to East 4th and Court and head south, we’re just past The Garden nightclub.

Click here for a map.


Jessica said...

Have fun! I hope you do well!!

Jess said...

I hear it was your birthday! Hope it was a good one! Did you do anything to celebrate?

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