Friday, September 4, 2009

***Labor Day Accessory Sale!!!!***

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am having a Labor Day sale! (Friday thru Monday)over at my etsy store to make room for new stuff this fall. All Accessories have been marked down, so be sure to click on the accessory button in the sidebar of my store. If you buy more than one item I will adjust the shipping rate accordingly after your purchases have been made.
I promise I have been working on some new creations that I will share with you all soon. But for now have a super Labor Day go check out my store! :)


Jessica said...

love your photo mosaic! Your stuff is so cute...hope the sale goes well!!

Mrs. Farley said...

You inspire me.

I am really wanting to get a sewing machine :) The last time I sewed, and the only I might add, was in eighth-grade Home-Ec. Haha

Do you have any tips or advice on buying one? If not, I totally understand because sometimes people ask me about cameras and I have NO idea :)

Hope all is well and your little boy is so cute!!

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