Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I have too many hobbies :)

My new love is felting...needle felting and wet felting. I enjoy the soft colorfulness of working with fibers and even better this is a project I can do all in one sitting and it doesn't take a lot of materials. Although I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the exciting arts and craft ideas and gadgets that I have and yet to use/do, but this has been really exciting! I have made a few felted beads into necklaces that will be appearing in my store soon and I have also just had fun exploring with my felting needles and watching how the fibers interlock and form together. I have found it so exciting to blend them together like paint. I have realized how much I miss painting and might have to start that up again soon. Just a little update on my creative side. :) Hope you all are having a splendid week!

1 comment:

gardenmama said...

oh, i am so in love with wool!!
your necklaces are incredibly beautiful! you are one talented mama!

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