Thursday, June 25, 2009

...and we are off to Vacation!

Yay! Now that Thad is on his 3 week break from classes we are going on vacation!...well, not the tropical kind with palm trees, but taking some time away. We are going to Des Moines for a week to see family and I will have a booth at the Des Moines Art Market downtown. So anyone around should come visit me. I will have lots of fun embroidered goods and fabric covered button earrings. The Art Market is sort of an arts fest meets garage sale; so there will be lots of inexpensive handmade and vintage goodies! 

Visit the website, to find out more info. It should be a blast for the Des Moines Arts Festival will be going on downtown as well.

Then after a week visiting all the family we are heading to Kansas City for a night to visit more family, and then stopping in St. Louis on our way back home. In St. Louis we are planning on going to the zoo and to some fun outdoor shops in "the loop," and then also the arch. There is supposed to be a free outdoor Counting Crows concert under the arch on July 3rd so we are going to try and check that out as long as the little one will last. We plan on being home after the 4th of July. So anyone wanting to purchase something from my store while I am gone can still do so, but it will not be shipped until after the 5th of July. Thanks. Everyone have a great weekend..see ya after the 4th!

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