Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mama's Day!

Every night while nursing Will to sleep I pray for him and then lay him down on the bed. Tonight after nursing him I just held him for a while thinking about how blessed I am. That I got the opportunity to be a mommy. The day he was born I realized that there was this new love that I had never experienced before. My love for him is so strong, and being a mama is the best thing in the world! I never imagined that it would be as hard as it is at times. I never imagined that I could love and adore him so much. I love what I do, and I could never imagine life any other way. 

Today was the perfect mothers day full of sunshine and flowers and cards and giggles and walks and brunch and church. Thad's parents and my sister and her husband came to visit because Will got dedicated at church. He was such a hoot! Kicking and smiling...making the whole congregation laugh. :)

 We had the priveledge of dedicating Will with our good friends Lincoln and Oliver. (mamas-Amber and Virginia) We have been so blessed with such good friends here in the Quad Cities. A group of "mostly newly weds" got together almost a couple years ago now for a small group study once a week. No one started with kids and suddenly we all got pregnant with in two months of each other. We all had boys! It has been so much fun sharing this journey with them.

I hope all you mamas out there had a spectacular mother's day! You deserve it!


Rachel said...

What a sweet post! I got diagnosed with fibo my freshman year of college. I have tried chiropractic before, it does help some. It's tough because it is something that takes a lot of time and money to do it often. Acupuncture did well too. Thanks for thinking of me!

Jess said...

yay! that is so special...on mother's day and all together. thanks for posting a picture of the beautiful mom's and the adorable babies :).

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

I love this post, and I LOVE that you're a mommy! And, I LOVE that you LOVE it so much! Steph, I'm sure you're the best mama in the world, and wish we were closer...I'm so happy you have such good friends there! But, I think we should both end up around Des Moines so we can hang out again. :)

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