Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 22-Heart the Earth Day...

Tomorrow is April 22nd...Earth Day! Yay! What a perfect time of year for this. Plants are growing, lots of spring cleaning happening, and everyone is much more motivated this time of year. Everyone has a right to live in a healthy and sustainable environment. That is why I think this day is so important. Having a day dedicated to this helps people to become more aware with information, new ideas and how to make more informed decisions. For those that want to be more "green" or so they call it; just knowing what is helpful and what is harmful toward the environment is key. Even just doing little things like driving less, taking shorter showers, or avoiding access packaging in the things we buy. I remember learning in school as a kid that even the simple act of turning off the lights when leaving the room can be a huge help...so I always did from that day and it is now a habit.
Being "green" has become such a trend these days. That can be a wonderful thing so that it helps more people to be aware, but unfortunately because of it's popularity there are so many "green" products or eco-friendly gear. Most of these things are great!..although it can give you the gimmies. There comes a time when we have to choose whether we are still helping the environment or are we harming it with too much consumerism. There is nothing wrong with buying a fun fashionable reusable grocery bag, or an organic t-shirt. But when we already have 12 of them and we are buying because everyone else is, then it may be a problem. So I encourage you with earth day coming up tomorrow to rethink about what you have, what you want, and what you probably don't need. I know I will be thinking about this. I am also hesitant bringing up this topic because I do not want to sound hypocritical..being American, or even just being human makes it hard to not want when I do not need, but I do know that I can try by simply being more aware of the things I buy and why I buy them. Here is an article on consumerism in America.(just the top part of the page)... it is very blunt, but will make you really think. After reading this I wondered if what people call the "American Dream" is even acheivable anymore? Interesting article.
So in summary one of the easiest ways and best ways to "go green" is to stop consuming so much stuff!...not to say that it is bad to shop because I love shopping, but to be more happy and resourceful with what you have. Below are some other great new links that I came across.

-check here for ways to recycle just about anything.
-check out an old post of mine here on how to make your own household cleaners.
-click here for guide to think more eco in just about any situation; at home, work,weddings, holidays, dorm rooms, cars, food, beauty, gift guides, and lots more.
-borrow or buy used; go to libraries, consider craigslist or freecycle.
-...and of course I talked about consuming too much in our country, but if it would truly help you waste less think about getting your own bags for grocery shopping. I have made one that is for sale in my etsy shop with the hope to make lots more. I have really got into hand embroidery so there will be lots more of that coming soon as well. Check it out here.
Have a splendid day!


Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

Stephie, I feel like I see an ENTIRE new side of you than I saw when we lived together, by reading your blog. I LOVE it. I've always loved you, but I see a depth and thoughtfulness that maybe we didn't always get to speak out loud. You're a stud, and happy earth day!

STEPHANIE. said...

isn't that such the great thing about blogging. :)

Erin said...

What you said really rings true! I wear the few t-shirts and jeans I own until they fall apart and have to force myself to buy new ones, but the $10 organic tee at Target was just too hard to resist today. :) The consumerism surrounding this day is just crazy though! Like you said, it's good for people to be aware, but to not get caught up in the trend of it all.

Thank you for all of the links! :)

Erin said...

Oh, and thanks for the sweet comment about my boys. :)

Maria said...

thanks for the ideas, yay!!!!

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