Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gratitude Week-Day 4 "Challenges"

"Life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it."-Chuck Swindoll

How do we keep our minds tuned toward all that is good and beautiful and bright? There is so much we are missing out on...Here is a list of ideas/challenges that I have come up with, please feel free to comment on any other creative ideas you can think of.

1-Make decisions about how much TV you watch, what magazines you read, or the music you are listening to. Click here for a great TV turn off challenge. This post is old, she may be having a 3rd annual soon, but you could make up your own challenge too.

2-Put away negative thoughts. It is hard to stop certain thoughts from coming in our minds, but we do not have to dwell on them.

3- Memorize positive scripture; try the James Challenge over at Sara's blog.

4- Get yourself around positive people; quit participating in negative talk, gossip, etc.

5-Look at uplifting is a great place to start...or here is a great photoblog.

6-Make a gratitude journal- stay tuned for tomorrow...:)

7-Put up post-it notes in places you will look often (bathroom mirrior, door to walk outside, etc.) filled with positive quotes/verses.

8-Use an alarm, maybe on your phone, or a computer memo to remind you to be grateful at that time each day.

9-You could try the 7 Days of Gratitude Challenge over at

10-Write letters to friends or family to show them how much you appreciate them. Check out this gratitude wrap made by Amanda Blake Soule to store your stationary.

11-Think of 5 ways you are thankful for your spouse or friend before seeing them or having a conversation with them.

Being grateful in even the hard parts of life shows who is in control of my life. (God)


TheFrazers said...

Thanks so much, Steph! I feel quite large, but love being pregnant. Initially my due date was April 27th, and then they said April 24th, so I guess anytime around then. I am praying for April 22 so that its a full month before we move up to Stp, which is on May 22nd. We'll see?

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

This post is SO you, and one of my favorite "STEPH" qualities! I love reading your blog now, it feels like I can imagine your daily life! KISSES and GRATITUDE!

Sara said...

Great post's always a joy to read your blog. xxoo

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