Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Embarrassing...

Maybe it is just me, but it seemed like when we take pictures of our house we like to take it of all the best, the most organized, the stylish..etc. Well, I decided that I needed to be more realistic and vulnerable to share with you the parts of my house that are popular, but popular with stuff...the most disorganized spots in our home. These are the places I always have intensions of sorting through but never seem to get a chance. I might need to make it my goal to figure out a way to organize these spaces and to keep it that way. Any suggestions?

shelf in kitchen(mail, cookbooks, towels, other randoms...)

Baby swing cluttered with coats, blankets, scarves...I don't know why they pile here, we have a place for these things, but for some reason they are more convenient here. (It's really kind of funny actually)
CDs never seem to go back into the CD case after listening to them.

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