Tuesday, February 10, 2009


lettuce+spinach+broccoli+celery+carrot=cucumber+grape tomatoes+apple+ham+shredded cheese+sunflower seeds+walnuts+Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing=
Colorful Yummy Goodness :)


Kelli B said...

what other kinds of things do you eat??? you eat so healthy, and it looks so good! I could use some recommendations :)

ps - i appreciated your post on breast-feeding. I'm glad you are open to talk about it, I feel that is an area not many people share. Thanks!


thanks, I am glad you enjoyed my post...about eating...hummm I don't eat as healthy as I should in the winter, we do a lot of soups and stir fry type meals (always good for using up extra veggies before they go bad) I just try to buy food as fresh and as natural as possible(sometimes hard on a budget)...I enjoy going to the farmers market in the warmer months; that encourages me to eat a little better. When I get back from the store I wash, cut and store everything so it is always ready to eat, if I don't It sometimes just sits, and there is nothing worse then wasting good veggies. (plus I love chopping up lots of fun different colors) :)

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