Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Some of you know that color is kind of my thing. I obsess over it and everything I do and have seems to be full of brightness. When I try to remember something, I always remember what color it was first, or what color I was wearing on that day....funny, huh? My dad used to laugh at me because when I was a child I used to always say that when I grow up and have my own house I am going to paint the outside in rainbow colors. I wondered why everyone had boring tan, white and grey houses. I thought it would make everyone happy in the world if they saw more color.....well that probably won't happen, but when we are not renting anymore the inside of my house will be full of bright colored walls and the outside full of bright colored flowers...that is my hope.

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Maria said...

have you read "The Shack"? If not, there's a chapter about how in Heaven we'll get to see the COLORS of everyone, and how everybody and every emotion gives off different colors. It reminded me of this :)

Anyone knows you knows that you give off lots of color and joy!!! :)

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