Sunday, January 25, 2009

Simple ideas for a Simple Life

photo by ajrpix
"Simplicity is the attempt to see clearly-to know what matters most. It's taking stock of your life and stripping away the inessential. At the heart of simplicity is the process of self-examination and self-discovery-deciding what you need to be happy. Simplicity is the art of living fully and being fully alive."- I had this written down and wish I could remember where I found it. Overtime I have collected a few ideas for making life more simple. Some of these I have collected from books and others from word of mouth, or just from life experience. I hope you find them to be useful as well.

1. To Sharpen dull scissors, use them to cut a piece of sand paper into strips.
2. To remove crayon marks from wood furniture, rub mayonnaise on them. let stand for ten minutes and then rub with a soft cloth.
3. Stick a button on the end of a roll of tape making the end easy to find.
4. For burns place a crushed onion on the burn and cover with a bandage.
5. Do small tasks immediately so you don't have to think about it later.
6. Choose a day of the week for each household chore, leaving Sunday for resting.
7. Learn to say NO!
8. How to make a last word in an argument-make it an apology.
9. Celery will last for weeks when wrapped in aluminum foil or stored in water.
10. When freezing fruit, spread out on a cookie sheet and freeze before putting in plastic bags to prevent them from sticking together.
11. To give apple slices a unique flavor and prevent them from browning, place them in pineapple juice in the refrigerator.
12. Place a dryer sheet at the bottom of a wastebasket for eliminate odors.
13. Use newspaper instead of paper towels to clean windows and mirrors so it doesn't leave streaks or crumbles of paper.
14. put a bucket under your gutter to catch rain water and use it to water houseplants.
15. For good house plant fertilizer dispose your coffee and tea grounds or crushed egg shells in the plants soil.
16.Simply pray!
17. Cooperate with life instead of trying to run away from it.
18.Find something bigger than yourself to believe in.
19. To freshen the air; set out white vinegar in open dishes, sprinkle cinnamon on aluminum foil and place it in a hot oven- leaving the door open, or put a few drops of essential oil in simmering water on the stove.
20. If an item is beautiful, useful, or loved...keep it, if not clear it out!

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Anonymous said...

#10 I do with minced onion and green pepper also. Buy a lot when on sale, mince and freeze. It is so convenient! I'm glad someone thought of the idea.
#16 - oh so important and simple!


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