Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A New Year!

Hello! It has been awhile...things got busy around the holidays, we traveled and now I am feeling like we are finally getting settled back to normal around here. Will had a wonderful first Christmas visiting all three families back in Des Moines, and also meeting his great grandparents in Kansas City. He is such a lucky guy, some people don't ever have grandparents, but this little guy not only has 3 sets of grandparents, but also has 3 sets of great grandparents and 2 sets of step-great-grandparents! Crazy! Fun, random fact of the day. :) As the new year has begun I have started to think about all the things I would like to accomplish, or get started on this year. Here is a short list so far...

1- Get a bible reading plan started. After having Will I never got back on track with this. As of the new year I started reading the One Year Bible. I have always wanted to do that, and I thought it would give me some direction for now. Any other ideas? I like doing shorter studies as well.

2-Get my studio finally put together and get working!!! I have so many creative ideas flowing in my head. I would like to start making and selling again. Since I have more time at home now, and now that Will is kinda starting to get on a schedule, it is my hope that this really takes off.

3-This spring I would like to attempt an indoor herb garden again. Last year I kind of failed at this, while moving and traveling so much. There was a lack of watering :)

4-Like many people this time of year...I want to get in shape! After being pregnant, it would definately make me feel good to tone up again.

5-Finish simplifying....that is kind of funny to say, because I feel like this is a never ending process, but i do want to make a point to get rid of whatever I do not use/wear so that someone who would use/wear it can.

6-Learn how to cook authentic italian meals. ( I have started with a few of my families recipes)

7-Start a scrapbook for Will's first year.

8-Try to make and give as many gifts handmade. This is a big challenge, but it is more meaningful and can sometimes save a little money. (It is also an excuse to not be at the mall as much)

Happy New Year everyone!!! What are your new years goals/challenges?...and for a little update, here are a few pictures from Christmas and New Years watching Iowa dominate in the Outback Bowl. :)
      My camera was really cold so the picture did not turn out very well, 
but the only one with the three of us on Will's first Christmas.

Christmas Flannels
Go Hawks!!

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Rachel said...

Your little one is just too sweet!! I love that photo website! Her stuff is gorgeous! Oh how I long to have color like that :D Thanks for the comments on the layout- its supper fun. It's from a website called something like the cutest blog on the block. You should check it out they have lots of fun stuff. Hope all is well!

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