Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Coulson

The past month flew by so fast, my little sister just got married a week ago and WOW!... it was a beautiful day!!! She looked absolutely gorgeous, and the love between her and her husband shined all night. I did a lot of reflecting in the past month as I approached the end of may for her wedding, and as the matron of honor (it was a true honor), I got the privilege to give a toast to the new couple. I thought it would be super easy, and I usually have no problem getting up and talking in front of people like that....but this was really different. I had so much to say for I am one of the only people that have known her since the day she was born!...and yes I was 3 1/2, but I did keep a few images in my the back of my mind from that day. She has always been my best friend...even through our teenage years. :) We always went through the same struggles and joys together and even as my little sister I really look up to her a lot and value her opinion...and now after getting back from their lovely honeymoon in Mexico, Mr. and Mrs. Coulson are now starting to work together for a student ministry at the University of Northern Iowa leading and discipling students on campus. I am so excited to see what God opens up for them.
Here are a few pictures I wanted to share of this special day. I realized after this night that I did not take enough pictures, for I was always so busy as the matron of honor...so here are just a few shots. enjoy.

Beautiful bride looking out the window

...and the back of the dress...stunning!

Me, sis, and mom...the bridesmaid dresses were very pretty, if you look closely you can see baby :)
On the way to the reception...haha, I love this picture!

Mr. and Mrs. Coulson
May 24, 2008
I love you guys!

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