Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Praise His name with DANCING!

"Praise His name with dancing"....{Psalm 149:3}

Lois Greenfield is my favorite photographer. She does such a great job at allowing movement with in the images to flow. Every photograph of hers that I look at has so much energy. I use dancing as a form of worship; as I look at a lot of Lois' work I can really see God's beauty through them. The way these dancers can move their body together as one is true awknowledgement of God's beauty. At the beginning of her photography career she became very interested in taking pictures of dancers. She would set up a studio and just let them dance freely for hours capturing the best. I love it! Here are some of my favorite Lois Greenfield pics........

Breaking Bounds "This moment could never be repeated, not even by Danny and Ashley themselves. Like many of my pictures, this is a uniquely photographic event. It only exists for a 500th of a second." -Lois

"I love impossible looking situations that allude to the moments before and after the shutter’s click. I want the viewer to wonder, “Where is he coming from? How will he land?” - Lois

You can check out more of her great work here.

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